STEPPE is back!

25 maart 2014

hdPRINTvlcsnap-00365Listen now to the brand new single from their forthcoming album: Daydream.

A song that can be heard and felt in many ways. Always different and never the same.

The melody of Daydream was recorded on a mobile phone during a ride on the highway. The rough mix was done on a slow train in the Belgian countryside.For the final mastering it traveled across the ocean to Fred Kevorkian (Joan as Police Woman, David Sylvian) in New York – not once but twice.

With the first one completed and back in Belgium, enter a friend of the studio who just happened to pass by: Daan. Excited by what he heard, he offered trying a few little things of his own. With added finger snaps, whispered daydreams and bongo madness as the result. And back to Fred Kevorkian it went.

Bassplayer Michel Hatzigeorgiou (Aka Moon) and drummer Karel De Backer (Flip Kowlier, Dead Man Ray) drive the band from the bottom up. Patrick Steenaerts, producer and second half of STEPPE, is on guitar, upright piano and clavinet, forever in search of the right touch of mood and colour. Yes, even if it involves recording the hallway at home to get that deeper guitar sound.

Carried by the band, Lies Steppe’s voice explores a variety of shapes and shades: distorted or just whispering, gentle or passionate…But the final word is for the monotron.

Recommended listening with a ray of sunlight on your face.

STEPPE wishes you a great summer!

vocals: Lies Steppe
guitar, piano, clavinet: Patrick Steenaerts
bass: Michel Hatzigeorgioudrums: Karel De Backer
fingersnaps, backing vocals, percussion: Daan Stuyven
mix: Bert van Roy & Patrick Steenaerts
mastering: Fred Kevorkian
pics: Joris Vermost
lay out: Tinne Van Gelder

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